After a good and busy 2 weeks, my body finally gave in and came down with the flu. A big sign it is demanding its rest… or else! So I postponed my sessions for the day and stayed home to rest. And typically on Sundays, my family gathers for for lunch. I was initially hesitant as the thought of going out into the sun and moving around will tire me, but brushed it aside and looked forward to spending some time with them. And that was kinda like the body saying OR ELSE on me as I stepped into the car, I wrongfully planted my leg too close to the drain and snapped my ankle in.

As tears flowed down my cheeks from the excruciating pain, feelings of being overwhelmed came flooding in too. A strong advocate on how our emotional body speaks through our physical body, it doesn’t get more obvious than this.

The ankle supports our body to stand and walk. When you have a sprained ankle it indicates a few possible things, a lack of support in self and from others; lack of flexibility in the directions you are going or the strain in life is too great causing life to go in all directions at once. And that is precisely it. I feel like I am pulled in many directions, great shifts are happening and not moving or flexible enough to move fast enough. So time to really slow down, rest, recuperate and integrate.

I haven’t felt so tired in a long time. I know it is a combination of integrating the New Moon energies and also the Sound Therapy sessions I had for the past week that was so deep, so I just allowed myself to rest and relax and recuperate.

And what a blessing it is to have a brother (also a skilled Healer in his own right) that owns an establish practise named Osso – an osteopathic clinic combining Chinese bone setting and chiropractic skills to heal muscular and skeletal issues.

As I lay there in the capable hands of the therapist massaging my ankle to loosen it before it is to be aligned back into position, I realised how smart I have trained myself to run away from pain which I have low tolerance of. When I was focused and breathing out the pain I was feeling, I was in my body, in the moment and focused on what she was administering. And as soon as the pain is too much to bear I started to pick up on the conversation happening next door. I was able to, in that split second, be out of my body and forgot about the pain and not feeling anything at all until I am then refocused again in my body.

So this is how we run away from feeling strong emotions. When things get too painful or unbearable, we have the tendency to switch off and run away for a while so as to feel some sense of relief. Through my practise, I have also noticed that patients who suffered a deep sense of trauma tend to run away and for some never really come back fully into the body. More on this topic in my next post, for now I am shifting all my commitments to a later date and happily reading a book, enjoying the rain, taking naps and skipping around the house in one leg.

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