Jaime Shine

Jaime Shine

With a huge passion to assist other to shift from one’s limitations to achieve greatness, Jaime uses various techniques from a culmination of modalities in psychotherapy, life coaching, energy healing, relationship dynamics and more to assist her clients. Being in her presence is healing itself as she pours out words of wisdom and practical steps to allow you to shift into an empowered state.

She works with people who have relationship issues of any sort, subconscious programming limitations, dis-eases, stress, anxiety, depression and also budding spiritual workers wanting to launch their business.

Jaime travels Internationally from Asia to Europe and USA to give talks, workshops and private sessions. She works out of HeartWorks and is available on Skype. She also enjoys writing her biweekly column on NST, Sunday Times on ways to create healthy relationships and emotional wellbeing.

For Jaime to be able to serve you best, please email her describing what you would like to work on, the set backs that you are having now and where you would like to go. She will then tailor a specific sessions to your needs with her vast skill set. Contact her here now

Some of her services:

~ Heal Your Relationships

DNA Healing

The Peace Programme for Stress, Anxiety, Depression

Skype sessions are available for most of the sessions except for certain activations. Please contact us for more information


“My Ayame Healing session with Jaime was amazing. I felt much clearer and lighter. I was smiling from the inside out and that has continued bringing more joy into my life on a daily basis” ~ R.L. Texas

“I am always more at peace and empowered after our session. Jaime has helped me so much in my life, sorting out my personal, family as well as work issues and I have so much more clarity on how to progress in my life now. Her unwavering support for my personal growth and awareness alllows me to grow to the person that I am today. Looking back at the past few months, I am a totally different person now. Thank you for all that you do!”  ~ Edwin Goh, Malaysia

“Pot of Gold activation is my favorite. I had 8 activations with Jaime Shine. Every activation is very different and connected to my life and Being. For me, there was a lot of Release, Rewire, Replenish, Reunite, Realign, Relieve and Rejoice. Jaime gave me wonderful messages which guides me thru my life journey. 3 days after my first 2 Pot of Gold activations, I went to take Aura Photo. I have 7 rainbow colors + white in my aura! WOW! THANK YOU Jaime Shine for all these Amazing Amazing activations. I am truly thankful for what you have contributed to me. God Bless you. May all of life comes to you with ease & joy & glory. ” ~ Jurina Lee, Malaysia

“Jaime is my therapist and the impact our sessions have been on my life is profound. As an independent female and a working professional being the “tough girl” who can handle anything has been a cornerstone of my success, but this persona is a false reality and left me unequipped to positively and lovingly handle conflicts regarding matters closer to the heart such as relationships, anger management as well as issues pertaining to self-love. Jaime was incredibly patient, persistent and dialed-in to my situation and my needs very quickly. Her approach was often times “tough love” but kind nonetheless and she provided a safe and encouraging space to allow my emotions and thoughts come through. Jaime helped guide me into the skills of maintaining good mental health for a lifetime, breaking through life long patterns that do not serve me in a positive way and facilitate the means to help me cut the cords of certain “addictions” physical or otherwise. I am pleased to say that I am currently on a fantastic journey of peace and love as well as self-acceptance which is transformative for me as I now feel lightness, freedom and joy on a daily basis even through momentary jolts of hardship. If you are considering therapy, I am more than comfortable to give you my full recommendation to get in touch with Jaime” ~ Delia Zamir, Malaysia

“Session with Jaime is very clear-cut, calming and effective. She is straight to the point, very encouraging, empowering and intuitive. I can trust her and her advices a lot.
All my sessions with her are very comforting and assuring. She guided me on the directions I should head on and empower me to take Actions to change my habits/patterns and transform my life! I have seen Jamie for 4 sessions over 1 month! Several areas of my life has shifted! I could stand up for myself and communicate my truth with no hesititation. My free-lance career is picking up too! More and more projects are coming my way.. I have more platforms now to expand my creative talents. Most importantly, I feel my internal self getting stronger and stronger, my mind clearer and clearer. My sense of self-worth is growing too :)) Many thanks and with lots of love and appreciation!” ~ Arakah, Singapore

“I was going through a really tough patch with my husband and unclear on how to move forward but Jaime gave me the space to come fully into my self and decide on what I needed to do with my relationship. I am happy to say I am a much happier person now and moving on with my life. Thank you very much!” ~ T.C, Netherlands

“Right after Jaime Shine did the Rebel C activation at my 3rd eye, I immediately felt my whole body totally filled with intense vibrations travelling from my head through my body going down to my feet. Every cell and molecules in my body was buzzing buzzing, buzzing (like in the movie Matrix). I felt I was shaking but I was not. The buzzing lasted for about 15-20 mins. Then the vibrations slowed down and continued gently thru out the day. I could feel a whole load been release and removed from my physical and energetic body. My head felt very much clearer and the chatter in my head that I had for 2 months were gone (it never came back). The pain on my left knee and heel (pain for more than a year) is less and felt lighter.

During my 2nd RC activation, I felt the vibrations going thru my whole body from head to heel. Its like having an energetic internal spring cleaning. I felt like I lost some weight, hehehe. I felt a release from stuck and conflictual decisions” ~ Jurina Lee, Malaysia

I have so far done 2 packages of DNA Clearing, DNA Mapping and DNA Healing. It’s been 4 months since I did my first session and a lot of what I have added to my DNA Mapping are coming to fruition, with some happening so soon after my sessions that I was quite amazed! For things that are not happening as fast as I would like them to, I have come to understand that it may not always be a direct path of being given what we have asked for but if we are mindful, we would notice the messages or guidance (sometimes from the least expected people/ places)  to eventually get us to what we want and where we’d like to be.I am feeling much more at peace and trusting and optimistic about what lies ahead and I am looking forward to seeing more profound and positive changes in my life!

I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Jaime as she’s perceptive, helpful, patient and she has the ability to make people feel comfortable and at ease. I would highly recommend anyone who is keen on trying DNA Clearing/ Mapping/ Healing to book a session (or more :-)) with her.” ~ Grace Chaing, Singapore

“Jaime is an incredibly sensitive and gifted healer. Opening oneself to healing is a process that I believe is a delicate one, as one’s energy field becomes open and incredibly receptive. In this, I place total trust in Jaime, in her extensive knowledge and practice in healing, her intuition, integrity and compassion.I have had several DNA sessions with Jaime to transform old and outworn patterns, and have anchored in new energies of love and peace within myself. I love the shifts and the changes that have taken place in my life. I highly recommend seeing Jaime if you want to bring about profound and happy changes in your life.” ~ Melissa, Malaysia

“I did the DNA Clearing Map, DNA Mapping and DNA Healing session package with Jaime in September 2013. Prior to this I have learnt and experienced different healing modalities, yet the DNA sessions have totally blown me away. After the DNA mapping session, I could feel a lot of negative energies removed, it was an uneasy period because things were out of my expectation: doors were closed to me in my career,  there is a bigger void between me and some people, unknown pain surfaced in my body, etc.

A few months later now as I looked back I realized my life has been redirected to a different path. For the past few months the universe has led me to look within myself, I have taken other healing sessions with Jaime and other healers to work on some deep rooted issues, to discover myself. The universe is changing me by sending different people to give me messages, and coming across books that shift my perspectives. Through all these I have started to develop the qualities that I have intended in the DNA Mapping, such as self-love, confidence, clarity, joy etc. And new things start to come into my life.

As for the DNA healing session, it helped me to remember who I am, and what purpose I am here for.  As I remember myself, I feel myself becoming more complete, there is more fullness in me. The DNA sessions are working at very deep levels of the person. It is beyond our intellectual understanding and expectations, I would suggest anyone who is interested to take the sessions without judgement about how things should be, and everything will be unfolded beautifully.Thank you Jaime and Selena Rodriguez for this beautiful technique.” ~ Rachel Ng, Malaysia