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Snow Light

Recognizing and Aligning with Synchronicity

9 April 2016 

7.30 – 9.30pm

Investment: RM83

Venue: Rafflesia Room, Sime Darby Convention Centre

Synchronicity is happening all the time. It takes awareness to recognize when you are connected into flow or not.   When you recognize and act upon synchronistic events, you automatically attract more, invoking more ease as answers, solutions, and opportunities move to the forefont.

Have you ever asked for something, only to miss the moment when it came to you?

We are constantly radiating and attracting opportunities to us. Often we fail to recognize the opportunities when they do arrive. We instead find ourselves caught up in situations, or focusing on different aspects.   We ignore, misread, or dismiss what is being presented. Sometimes we recognize what happened, but after the fact.

In this class, you will have the opportunity to awaken your ability to connect more easily to the synchronistic events in your life.   You will expand your understanding of interconnectedness in the flow of energy. Snow Magic slows things down so you are able to recognize deeper levels of what is occurring in the Now, aligning you with divine timing.

Strengthen your faith and trust in yourself as you open to possibility and prepare to welcome the gifts that synchronicity brings.

Lightning In Your Hands

Learn 7 Lightning Techniques

to Create Strong and Fast Shifts In Your Life

10 April 2016

3 – 6pm

Investment: RM477

Venue: Rafflesia Room, Sime Darby Convention Centre

Lightning has the element of surprise that is highly effective for bringing the essence of sudden change and awakening to any situation.

When someone is stuck in their life, or needs a huge push forward in the right direction, Lightning will come in to shake things up and interrupt patterning when someone is on the verge of doing something that may cause them to veer off course.

Lightning strongly breaks through patterning that does not serve, bringing a person back into alignment.   Things happen “out of the blue”.

In this class you will receive teachings and hands on experience for the 7 Lightning techniques:

• Anvil Lightning   • Ball Lightning   • Bead Lightning   • Ribbon Lightning

• Sheet Lightning   • Streak Lightning  • Anvil Crawlers

Move into alignment and a greater sense of service with these 7 powerful techniques that you will be able to use with others.


Ancient Manifestation Wisdom

Cultivation of Co-creation

15 – 19 April 2016

10am – 5pm

Investment: RM4,800

Venue: Ecogreen, Bangunan Bakti Siti Hasmah, Changkat Haji Openg, TTDI

Reawaken your ability to manifest and put your dreams into action in this deluxe course for stretching your boundaries and aligning your energy field with frequencies that are conducive to conscious co-creation.

   You are not new to manifestation. It happens on a daily basis and can come fast and easy.   Sometimes you find that some things materialize and some don’t.   The art of manifestation lies in the frequencies.

In this powerful hybrid class you will receive tools, training and initiations for shifting your frequency to resonate with conscious creation in alignment with your soul, and for assisting others to shift their frequency.

Engage in ancient practices for releasing obstacles as you learn to effectively move light in alignment with the co-creation of your soul.

As you uncover blockages formed by hidden resistance and rebellion, you will create new pathways for abundant flow to occur more frequently in your daily life.

You will learn:

The role of the chakras in manifestation.


• Keys to connection.

• Cultivation of the 3 Essential Relationships.

•  Esoteric Principles of Manifestation.

•  Practices for bringing astral plane possibilities into physical plane reality.

•  Introduction to the Sun Mysteries.

You will receive:

•  Initiation into the Great Inner Prism, through which all limitations can be transcended.

•  A potent activation for getting out of your own way fast.

•  The 9 Light Particle Initiations.

•  Advanced Rainbow Training.

•  Advanced Pot of Gold Certification Training

Includes a series of initiations into a powerful technique bringing forth the power of the Rainbow and raising the vibration of the chakras.

Private Sessions

A limited number of Private Sessions are available by appointment only. Sessions book up quickly, so be sure to book early.


To register for any of the events above, please send your name, email address, phone number to Jaime at +60123771191 or email us