Melissa Lin

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I am an artist and astrologer who is currently living in, and exploring the wonderful wild world of Gabon. I have been interested in all things magical from a young age. That includes astrology, numerology, music and art. I began studying astrology during my Saturn return, and became a certified astrologer with Nightlight Astrology.

Astrology is a tool that offers wisdom and insight into the human soul and psyche. It can help you to align and return to who you truly are. It is a journey into self understanding that leads to self acceptance, self love and joy.

I love working with people using Astrology to uncover and reveal each person’s unique life path. Each person has special gifts and abilities, and Astrology can help one in finding and expressing those gifts.

Apart from mapping your story and potential, Astrology can also help you to see where you are in the cycle of life, helping you to navigate life challenges, prepare for and create options for a happy and bright future.

Astrology-Birth Chart Reading

Astrology-Relationship Reading- Synastry


“Melissa’s gift in reading astrology is unique, able to see far deeper than the basics and bringing through her deep wisdom in reading the interaction between your chart to give you the guidance you need to move positively forward.  Her caring and warm ways brings forth much needed encouragement to gently make the necessary decisions in my life. I highly recommend a session with her especially when you need to make decisions in life or looking for guidance on moving forward in your life”

~ Jaime Shine, Malaysia