Pisces Full Moon. Leaning into the landscape of your dreams
30 August 4:39 am Kuala Lumpur

This month’s full moon falls in the sign of Pisces. I’ve always loved days of the Pisces moon. It’s gentle and mystical tone makes one more receptive to the beauty in the world. Music sounds sweeter, our emotions more sensitive and finely tuned. With Pisces energy our dreams become deeper, more lucid, vivid and alive.

The watery realm of Pisces is related to the ocean, and to oceanic consciousness. This consciousness allows us to see and feel connected in our hearts with all of life and creation. This embryonic state of consciousness, and our longing to return to this primordial state of oneness is deeply embedded in each one of us, having experienced this oneness while we were still in our mother’s wombs. This Pisces moon we may renew and dream our way back into feeling this inter-connectedness with life, and with the divine.

We can renew our spiritual sides and pay attention to our intuition, and to the symbols and signs that come through our dreams and synchronicities. Is there a special message coming through for you, or a hint to nurture a certain connection or aspect of your life?

We may be feeling more emotionally vulnerable during the full moon, and more so with the moon in Pisces conjunct to Neptune and opposite to Jupiter in Virgo. We could feel overwhelmed if the moon shines a light on areas where we feel like we haven’t achieved or gotten what we want. We may feel we are not quite where we want to be in life.

With this sign and planet combination, this could relate to spiritual ideals and where one is in one’s spiritual life. Pisces is related to the emotions, so if this is the case for you, take time to sit with your feelings, and as the moon moves from fullness to her waning phase, begin releasing and letting go of those emotional holding patterns.

Know that we will have the opportunity to begin moving forward, and to seed our wishes and intentions when the moon comes to the new moon phase.

With the potential for greater heart connected-ness, compassion and connection to the spiritual realm, the flip side of Pisces is the potential to become caught up in escapist tendencies, illusions and addiction. The balance and antidote to this, is found in the sign of Virgo.

The Sun and Jupiter newly moving in the sign of Virgo suggests tending to our daily lives as a form of devotion. Where Pisces is connected to the realm of dream, intuition and consciousness, Virgo is related to our bodies and to our daily lives, our health, to service to others and our work. Both signs are related to healing.

Here we are encouraged to cultivate mind-body connection as spiritual practice. The inspiration of Pisces needs the practical magic of Virgo to bring our dreams into earthly manifestation. By the light of the moon, we can now discern where we need to focus in order to bring our goals to fruition. We can also see now where we need help, and who we can co operate with for mutual support.

From the fullness of the moon, we now move towards the waning phase. As the moon decreases in light, we are aided in letting go of outworn patterns, releasing grievances, and moving into a space of forgiveness and compassion for ourselves and others.

This moon phase, we can offer up an addiction or bad habit that we wish to be rid of in our lives. The sign of Virgo is related to health, and to clean and healthy eating. This is one of the best times of the year to get on track with changing your eating habits, and for beginning that healthy diet.

Jupiter’s recent ingress in Virgo suggests that our way forward, beginning from this season until he leaves for Libra in September 2016 involves making our own luck. This include making our own luck through service to others, chopping wood and carrying water, paying attention to, and tending to the details of the grand vision of our lives, and putting in the work.

We will explore more deeply how we can work with this energy to create more contentment and fulfillment at the next new moon report.

Wishing you a most inspiring full moon!

Empowered by Melissa Lin