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When you learn the real essence behind cash, you will know how to master making Cash.

Whether you make a living in a job or build your own business, having and building cash is an important aspect of life. There is so much issues when people struggle with having enough cash – they constantly worry for their livelihood, puts themselves in a dilemma that they cannot seem to come out of and no matter what they do, cant seem to get themselves out of the situation. They develop illogical fears of life that leads to depression and ill heath, life seems to just spiral downward even more.

In actual fact, Cash is more an energy than just a physical paper note. How you deal with it is how you deal with how you treat yourself and others. If you would respect Cash, you will in turn have more come in. When you understand the dynamics behind how cash is a relationship with you and with the way you view all other areas of you life, you can improve it.

When I was struggling with depression because of cash, I seem to be stuck in a big black hole. No matter what I do, it feels like I am still stuck in that hole not being able to get out. It is only through understanding the energetics of cash – that it is an energy we harness, that it has a colour and an essence, that I need to have a healthy view and relationship with it. Only then with determination, self awareness and practise that I am able to get myself out of that situation and am happy to say that I continue to thrive with this new understanding of cash and able to help others with them too. So I highly recommend anyone who is wanting to get out of poverty, wanting to build a new level of cash in their life takes this invaluable workshop on cash.

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Cash Magic Workshop in Singapore 

Cash Magic Workshop in Malaysia

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Facilitated by Master Teacher Sioux Storm

Sioux Storm is a Visionary Artist, Healer, and Shamanic Teacher. Sioux has a unique ability to reach deep into a person’s heart and soul to bring out insights that allow for shifts and healing to occur. When working with Sioux you will benefit from the wisdom of powerful spiritual lineages combined with modern psychological perspectives.

Sioux is a direct descendant of the Lakota and Onondaga Native American Lineage and began formal spiritual training at the age of 16. Fuelled by her passion in healing and art, Sioux pursued a Degree in Psychology and training in Art Therapy. She then went on to master numerous skill sets with master teachers throughout the world. Sioux has lead many courses internationally and much loved by her students for her ability to hold each person in class in the most loving yet firm way to allow for transformation to happen with great ease.

For enquiries on this workshop or to book a private session with Sioux, please contact us.

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