Houman was a highly experienced Oil & Gas engineer before he decided to take a leap of faith and pursue his lifelong passion in spirituality.

His encounter with the spiritual realm started when he was only 14 years old, when he realized that he had a natural tendency to attract spirits; they would follow him everywhere he went.  After years of reading, researching and practicing on his own, fate brought him to Heartworks’s doorsteps where he is able to learn the various methods of utilizing his ability to heal and help others.

In addition to helping humans, Houman is also well known dog behaviorist in town. He incorporates his spiritual abilities to help solve some dogs’ problems.

Below are the following services he offers:



“Houman has an innate ability to heal others. He conducted the Isis Lotus Healing on me and the very next day, the effect was ten fold! I experienced a very, very intense personal healing crisis that caused a personal breakdown. At first it was hard to believe I was going through a healing process. Fortunately, as time passed, I realized it was needed for me to move forward in my life. In short, Houman’s healing session broke down the invisible chains that were holding me back.
I am eternally greatful to Houman for if it was not for him, I would not be where I am today. Thank you Houman for all that you have done to help me get back on my path. ”
-May Kuen- Kuala Lumpur

I live in an apartment in Tehran, Iran in which I frequently host meditation classes and spiritual training. After some time, I started noticing the presence of entities in my apartment. I did not pay much attention to them at first, until they started to become bolder. They would steal my things and place in another corner of the apartment.
Things started to get from bad to worse when they disrupted my sleep and shadowing me everywhere in the apartment. I could literally feel them following me closely.
I got to know Houman and his service through a mutual friend. He performed house cleansing for me. He would draw the layout of the apartment and identified problematic areas. This was followed by cleaning the house. Our mutual friend came over to help initiate a Skype video discussion so that Houman would show me and ask about the problematic areas in the apartment. Amazingly he pointed out all the right spots that had problems.
Since the cleansing I feel a significant change. I can sleep better and I dont feel the entities shadowing me anymore. I am very thankful to Houman for helping me. I am simply amazed that he could do it from Malaysia(8000Km away from Tehran)! I most definitely recommend Houman to anyone who needs house cleansing.

-Azadeh,Tehran, Iran

A friend of mine decided to give me a birthday gift which was a healing session with Houman. Initially when I heard about it, I was rather skeptical cause I was not sure what was going to happen. Anyhow, I didn’t want to offend my friend nor Houman, so I said OK to it.
Honestly, when I first walked into Heartworks, I still wasn’t sure if I wanted to go through it, but somehow part of me felt that I should try it. During this period of my life, I wasn’t sure who I am, what’s happening, there was so much negative emotions and uneasiness.
During the healing  process, I had the best sleep of my LIFE!!! I was in complete rest and serenity. I saw various types of colors which didn’t make sense at that point, but I just enjoyed every bit of the moment.
Prior to the session, I was having a terrible back ache which I did not mention to Houman, but after the healing session, there was no pain whatsoever … it just vanished and I felt so light weighted. Emotionally, I felt easier to breath and was very much more calm. I realized that I was just burdening myself with unnecessary problems of others which I thought I could help fix.
Houman then shared and taught me how to manage these emotions and expectations. I had to learn to start being alone and focus on what most mattered most, and then I realized what he meant. That was the beginning of me regaining myself and knowing and loving myself again.
And today, I’m just so thankful and happy today & I realized that life is way too short to be sad or worried! Thanks Houman .

-Sheena, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia