Divine Intervention

November 28, 2016

03 - 16 Jun 

Divine Intervention

From 6pm until 12pm

RM 27,101 (Deposit 2500 per person)

At Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Divine Intervention is a one of the finest life transforming programs in self-mastery that you can attend. In these two weeks, you get to immerse yourself in vibrations and frequencies that will support your utmost healing and learn to be a master healer.

Divine Intervention may be referred to as the loudest, most specific prayer that can call the forces of nature and heaven together, for miracles to happen where the phenomenon of tumors fall to the floor and/or dis-eases may go into spontaneous remission. You, the Divine Intervention practitioner will learn to hold space, raise the vibrations of someone with a chronic ailment by using specific dimensions and emanating a precise hertz frequency to allow for healing to take place.

Acts that seem magical become ordinary

In this intensive and profound program, you receive spiritual foundations that will expand your work with light and energy and support a new harmonious way of living, while acquiring the abilities to facilitate Divine interventions with the use of Shamanic healing techniques, as passed down from the ancient Mayan lineage of Curanderos, the master healers of Mexico.

You Will Experience and Learn:

  • Creating and maintaining Sacred Space
  • Original cause of Dis-ease
  • Miracles Day
  • Client Protocol
  • Hands-on practice
  • Initiations
  • Over 20 healing processes
  • Daily meditation and yoga practice
  • Deep emotional transformation
  • Clearing and cleansing
  • Spontaneous remissions
  • Service
  • Energizing exercises and group activities
  • Spiritual Ethics

Everyday during this program you will:

  • Release your personal limitations
  • Remove your masks
  • Practice an awakened lifestyle
  • Work with and within the various dimensions
  • Raise your vibrations
  • Get closer to yourself
  • Improve your ability to handle life situations
  • Increase your connection to nature and Source
  • Become more ALIVE!

“Learning Divine Intervention was like the sweetest homecoming I could ever imagine. DI connected and reacquainted me so powerfully to the earth and the cosmos, you literally have at your fingertips the ability to harness the raw healing power of the earth and the magic of the stars. It would not be an overstatement to say that DI completely altered the course of my life. It allowed me to recognize and honor the healer that was always already residing within me.” Arianna, CA

“DI provided the time and space for me really look and listen to how I suppress and deny my truth and decisions. Some work takes more than a couple days to get the "gift" of my unwinding. Don't judge it, don't take it personally, stay in present time. These are the few of many gifts still unfolding 4 years later” Douglas Large

“In DI with Sioux Storm, I felt both embraced and pushed with love. I felt that Sioux both saw me as I am and in my potential, her grounded love and tremendous support to grow and expand. I felt my connection to Source and earth expanded tremendously and become vitalized. Experiencing DI brought tremendous personal healing and new powerful ways to be a conduit for healing and expanded light” Catherine Wohlleben

Investment RM27,101 (Payment Plan Available)

Early Bird Registration: RM25,103 ends 30 Dec 2016 (save RM1,998!)

Get yourself in Night School and start your learning in class by making a RM2,500 deposit before 30 Dec 2016.

This includes Lodging, Meals, Class Materials, Guest Teachers and more!

Payment Options:

Cash, Cheques, Credit Card or PayPal

For enquiries or to register contact Jaime at +6012-3771191 or email info@heartworks.my

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