Crystal Channeling and Therapy

Crystals are the heavenly offerings of the mineral kingdom to humanity; the gifts of Mother Gaia to its beloved children. In this New Age, crystals solidify its major position in our daily life rapidly by playing special roles in granting guidance, meditation, healing and attunement with diverse energies.

Crystal Channelling

As a Crystal Channeller, Tristen performs channelling with your crystal by retrieving its messages for your personal issues (i.e. confusions, blockages, obstacles). Connect to your crystals and get the know-how to foster the right consciousness and enhancements on your life path be it in your relationships, career, family, wealth or other concerns you are working on.

Crystal Therapy

In unique forms and colours, crystals are renowned with their congenital healing properties and vibrations – which harmonize the environment and all living beings. Thus, therapy can be done by using such therapeutic energies to heal issues (e.g. deep grief & loss, unworthiness, guilt, low self-esteem, self-loathing, betrayal, OCD, impotency) in your chakra system and energy bodies. Crystal Therapy aims to create balance and wellness in your bodies of consciousness.

Friendly Reminder: Please bring along your own crystals or just intuitively pick up some from some from our crystal collection for your private session.


“Tristen is a truly gifted and extraordinary spiritual being. His channeling is so precise, detailed and direct.  Definitely not run of the mills psychic/ channeller.

A case in point, I bought my crystal about 6 months ago and kept it at home all this while. Through Tristen, the crystal knew what happened at the office 1 ½ years ago.

I had the air-conditioner ventilator vent closed (due to fever & flu) and totally forgotten about this because my office is always extremely cold.  This crystal told Tristen that my office space (cubicle) was badly ventilated!   Inadvertently this crystal also “saved” me from injury as when I requested the maintenance guy to open the air vent he told me 3 clips out of 4 of the aluminium cover were spoilt and can drop to my head any time.  This is only partial example and there are other things being told…wow!”

~ Jill Lum, South Malaysia Industries Berhad, Kuala Lumpur ~

“I was introduced to Tristen through a friend who knew him professionally. Even though Tristen offers different therapies, I specifically went to see him for crystal channeling and therapy.

I had a two hour session with him, we started by just me talking about my issues, then he sat me comfortably on a chair and concentrated the crystal energies on me. He helped me through some meditation and visualisation techniques. Most of this work was for grounding and cleansing. After this, I was asked to lay on the couch where he used different crystal energies to ‘heal’ me.

What I really liked was the post therapy debriefing, Tristen told me what he ‘saw’ and what his guides told him. In addition he gave me self help techniques which I could do at home to continue my ‘healing process’.

I would definitely go to see Tristen again when I can and recommend him to anyone looking to explore these alternative therapies.”

~ Ms G, Malaysia ~

Facilitator : Tristen Churn

Fee: RM 140.00
Duration: 1 Hour

Fee: RM 210.00
Duration: 1.5 Hour

Fee: RM 280.00
Duration: 2 Hour

Prior appointment is necessary. To book a session, please contact us.