It may or may not have crossed your mind but relationships, though filled with love you have for each other, may bring upon a time when it becomes unhealthy for you and your mate. How does this happen when there is still so much love? Well, to begin with the relationship may have started off on the wrong foot in the first place. Lust, loneliness or ego may be the wolf in sheep’s clothing disguised as love.

How to Identify if you are in an Unhealthy Relationship

1. No Love, No Respect, No Trust.  
When love is real, you feel it. It brings out joy and happiness and the best in you as an individual and as a couple. No one needs to win because you are both on the same team. There’s mutual trust and respect and there is kindness. These are the most important qualities healthy relationships are built upon.

2. Heavy on One Side
Codependency in a relationship spells disaster in the long run. Your mate is solely reliant on you for emotional, mental, physical support and becomes needy. On the flip side the dependant becomes a martyr who rescues the other constantly to feed his own ego. Both parties are feeding off each other’s lack and continue down the spiral of disempowerment.

3. The A Word – Abuse
Abuse on any level – physical, emotional or mental should not be tolerated. This does not mean you leave the relationship immediately at the slightest error, it means you ensure you communicate clearly to your mate that it is not OK to speak to you that way or how it their actions has affected you and do so immediately. When things does not improve and the abuse continues, then it is a clear sign to leave.

Other signs of unhealthy relationships:
– Conflict and arguments keep coming up on the same matter and neither wants to let their ego go.
– There’s no communication or intimacy
– Either one chooses to change the other person rather than work on oneself.
– There is no partnership or team effort in any matter, its my way or the highway
– You loose yourself and unsure who you have become

There are many different facets to each relationship and each one is different. It is important to be impartial when looking at it or get a third party’s perspective on whether it is best for you to stay on or to move on. Always use your inner guidance on how to work through most of the issues you may be facing and decide if the love you have is worth saving.

Empowered by Jaime Shine

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